An Education That Prepares The Student For Real Life

I am all for letting kids be kids, but when do we start preparing our children for real life? Children are being forced to grow up a lot faster these days then what I remember growing up. Times are different. What are we doing to prepare our children to meet this challenge?

One thing that thankfully is being looked at today is the way we are using high school to prepare the student for life. Some people will go to college. Some people will go to vocational school. There are those that need to be trained for life no matter what road they choose to walk down. 

Greenville, South Carolina is leading the pack in looking at alternative ways to educate and prepare the youth for life and employment when they graduate. There is a school called the Next High School where this is beginning to be a reality.

The students are divided into schools in technology, life sciences, energy and mobility. The school of mobility includes automotive and aerospace. The emphasis is on becoming part of the solution by problem solving. This is done by involving the students in real life applications like crime-scene investigations for example. There is also a emphasis in exploring the local market by matching training to the industry and jobs in the immediate area.

This is the beginning of the cycle of matching education to jobs. It does not necessarily mean that anyone has to be stuck in a job for life. It just means the beginning of training our youth to be able to survive in the job market upon graduation from high school till they complete their higher education.

Read more about the Next High School and their concepts in the following article by Liz Segrist:

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