Are You An Artist? There is a Vocational Job For You

One of the late and great artists died this month. His name was Ray Harryhausen. He was a pioneer special- effects artist that paved the way for the great special effects we experience today in the movies. He used his artistry not only to make a good living in Hollywood, but also to create a new way to enjoy the movies. He inspired people like George Lucas of “Star Wars”, Peter Jackson of “The Lord of the Rings”, and James Cameron.

Ray created animation not by drawing pictures but by the tedious detail of moving small figurines and photographing the figurines in each new pose in a process called stop-motion animation. This was painstaking work that required a huge amount of patience and attention to detail. The pictures taken of each change of pose were spliced together to create the appearance of fluid motion in film.

Ray was a genius and an innovator for whom all of modern movies with their special effects owe a debt of gratitude. Billions of dollars have been made due to the amazement of special effects in the movies.

Are you an artist? How can you use your art to bring about change? Would you desire to work in the movies creating special effects or do you have a whole new invention in innovation to share with us using your artistic abilities.

Read more about Ray Harryhausen in the following article and then use your imagination to create.

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