A Career That Has Meaning

I can tell you there is one thing that bothers me above all else. People who think they are better then other people. There is no job that is above any other in importance. No matter how important that CEO thinks he is the fact is that he can not do his job without the other people who work in the company.

If you think you are above being a trash collector just think how your life would be if the trash collectors all went on strike for a year. What would our quality of life be like then? 

There is no job that is more important then another. There is no person that is more valuable then another. Not in God’s eyes. We all need each other to live the life style that we have come to enjoy. Think about that next time you are in a public bathroom and the person that cleans is in there doing their job. Thank them for what they faithfully do everyday so you can have a clean bathroom to come to. That person is doing a service for you every day and they deserve recognition and appreciation for the job they do.

The jobs that get the least amount of recognition are usually the jobs that are most needed. Where would be without the person that cleans the bathroom or collects the trash? How would life be if we did not have someone creating the cars and keeping the cars running? So many people work behind the scenes everyday to make your life easier. Do not forget to thank them for the jobs they do.

Today is Memorial Day Let us remember to thank all those veterans that took on the job of keeping our country safe and free. Thank you!

I enjoyed this article by Judy Gillespie that illustrates my point:

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