Solving Problems Through Innovation and Trades

What do engineers, mechanics, artists, and musicians have in common? Innovation! They are all people who have learned to take their imagination and know how to create new buildings, machines, sculptures, and music, and more.

Hackerspace is an organization of like minded individuals who come together for the common good. It is an organization made up of engineers, mechanics, artists and musicians and others who work together to create. It is like a mastermind group of people that come together with ideas and help each other take those ideas and make things happen. They share tools and skills to help each other with whatever concept brought to the table.

I might have an idea, but you may know how to take that idea and help me bring it into reality. We work together to solve the problem and find a solution that will work. I may be strong in coming up with concepts but you might know the mechanics of how to make that concept work. Together we make a dynamic team. This is how it is in Hackerspace. They provide the support by providing the tools to get the job done. Tools such as a 3D printer. A 3D printer costs about $3,000 but if provided by the group all can use it for a fraction of the cost. There is power in numbers and where like minded individuals come together the power is unstoppable. 

What concepts and ideas do you have. Are you finding it hard to have the money and means to take your concept from idea to reality? You can find Hackerspace in Austin, Texas. Get the help of others to get the job done. Read more in the following article by Kelsey Jukam:

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New Year, New Hope, New Career.

I am so happy and proud to come to you this year with all the jobs that are available across the country. Feel your not trained for those jobs? No problem. I will tell you how you can get the training and how you can get it paid for.

The fact of the matter there are more than enough jobs for everyone. We need welders, airline pilots, air traffic controllers, construction workers, and more. Not trained for those jobs no problem. You can go to school for 1 to 2 years to get the training for most of these jobs at a vocational school.

There are a lot of vocational schools through out the country and most of them are very affordable without your having to get large college loans. In some cases the government may help you with grants, in other cases you may be able to get the company you are going to go to work with to pay for your education, sometimes the company will train you themselves.

I hear company owners telling me that they need more mechanics and air conditioning and heating people because they can not find enough applicants. Do not believe the media that there are no jobs out there. That is far from the truth. There are actually more jobs than people to take them.That is why Chinese are being shipped in to take some of the jobs. Do not be left behind. Get the training for these jobs now while they are in high demand.

When you have a trade there is so much you can do with that knowledge. If you are very ambitious you may even someday own your own business by first getting experience in your trade. Then with a few business classes you can start your own business!

Put Sexy Back in Votec, Vocational Education and Trades

I’m writing a new book called “Putting Sexy Back in Votech, Vocational Trades and Education”. I would like to see the workers that word in the vocational trades get the respect they deserve as the sexy and hard working individuals they are. These are America’s electricians, plumbers, carpenters, sheet metal workers, machinist, dry wallers, iron workers, welders, and all the other trades that have the artistry to work with their hands to build the things that we take for granted.