“The Lawyer Bubble” is A Must Read For Those Who Want To Go To Law School

“I am going to go to law school.” What parent would not have liked to hear their son or daughter say these words. Today not so much. Why? Because there are no jobs for lawyers. There is a saturation of lawyers that is even causing some law firms to go into bankruptcy because of the competition. Steven J. Harper has put out a book that is a tell all about law school and the prospects of a graduate today called “The Lawyer Bubble”. Remember the housing bubble? Yea, you get the picture. Be informed so you can make the right choices when choosing where you want to go to school. Where are the jobs? Read more in the following article by Everett Bellamy:

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Would You Really Want to Spend All That Money To Pursue A Degree That Will Not Help You Get A Job?

dreamstimefree_53847I fly on airplanes everyday and read papers like The Wall Street Journal and USAToday as well as local papers around the country. I also talk with CEO’s, business owners, college professors, and many others and they often agree on one thing, getting a degree does not guarantee getting a job.

Recently a professor from a prominent School of Pharmacy admitted to me that there is a saturation of pharmacist and few jobs to accommodate them.

I have also been reading about the overabundance of lawyers with no jobs to go to. The thing that upsets me is that high school students are not told this when they are applying to law school and pharmacy school. Why is that? It is because the schools want to make money and not go out of business. The professors want to keep their jobs and not be laid off. I understand that. It is about economics.

Yet we doing our young people a disservice if we do not let them know before they make a decision where to go to school and what to study. That is why it is really up to you to research these things before you make a career choice.

Right now people who are graduating with technical degrees from community colleges are averaging sometimes $20,000 more per year upon graduation then some people who have gone to a four year college and graduated with a bachelors degree. There are places on the web you can go to find out wether you are getting your money’s worth by going to college. One such place is http://www.CollegeRealityCheck.com. You can also go to the U.S. Education Department’s College Scorecard to see the best college to go to with the best return for your future salary rate. You can go to http://www.payscale.com to find out what starting salaries are in varies fields.

Look at these sources before spending tens of thousands of dollars on your education. Get a degree that will guarantee you a job with a great salary. Always continue your education for the rest of your life to increase that salary and have even more opportunities. You can find out more in the following article by Jeffrey J. Selingo:

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Law School Graduates Without Jobs Have You Thought About Moving To The Country?

There are an over abundance of law students without jobs, but rural America is without enough lawyers. Have you ever thought about living the simple life in the country? You could be a big fish in a small pond. The cost of living is more affordable in the country or a small town. Often property tax is much less as well. Your pay may be less, but it will not cost you as much to live as it would in cities like New York, Chicago, or any of the other urban area. Life is slower in a small town. There might not be as much stress. Most of all you would meet a need and would be valued. It would be a change of culture but you may learn to love it. Consider moving to Nebraska or South Dakota if you are a lawyer without a job. Find out more in the following article by Ethan Bronner:

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