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2 thoughts on “Media Page

  1. Love this idea!! Can you include the horse industry in your tags? It’s still a man’s world there, too, especially in race horses. Women who are involved in the horse industry do a lot of part time jobs — driving horse vans, grooming, show riding to mucking out stalls. We could use more recognition and respect for our talents.

  2. I definitely agree Nancy! Funny that you bring this up my grandfather was a famous horse jockey in the 1930’s. His name was James “Googles” McCoy and was the first jockey to wear googles because of an eye injury due to mud being kicked up into his eye by the horse while riding in a race. Thus he started wearing googles to avoid any future injuries. He invented his googles and wore them for the first time in the winners circle on winning one of his races. Though people made fun of him back then as being a “sissy” for wearing googles, later it became regulation for all jockeys to wear eye protection while riding. You can find him mentioned in books about the history of racing. He also currently has a race horse named “Googles McCoy” running out in California. Feel free to look him up on Google. Women are a essential element in racing and in all areas of vocational education and trades.

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