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Real World Education Now That You Have Graduated

A real world education is invaluable. The funny thing is no one will hire you unless you have a degree or have graduated from a certified program of some type, wether it be college or vocational education. The fact is you will not really start learning till you are on the job. I recently tried to explain this to a colleague of mine whose daughter has graduated from nursing school. If her experience was like mine, she has yet to even have started her first IV (intravenous). I learned how to do insertion of IV’s in the vein when I started my first job. So probably will she. The real learning starts on the job. The book learning was nice but practical experience is king. Kirk McDonald speaks of this in the following article when he is talking about learning how to speak computer code so you can get hired:

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Would You Really Want to Spend All That Money To Pursue A Degree That Will Not Help You Get A Job?

dreamstimefree_53847I fly on airplanes everyday and read papers like The Wall Street Journal and USAToday as well as local papers around the country. I also talk with CEO’s, business owners, college professors, and many others and they often agree on one thing, getting a degree does not guarantee getting a job.

Recently a professor from a prominent School of Pharmacy admitted to me that there is a saturation of pharmacist and few jobs to accommodate them.

I have also been reading about the overabundance of lawyers with no jobs to go to. The thing that upsets me is that high school students are not told this when they are applying to law school and pharmacy school. Why is that? It is because the schools want to make money and not go out of business. The professors want to keep their jobs and not be laid off. I understand that. It is about economics.

Yet we doing our young people a disservice if we do not let them know before they make a decision where to go to school and what to study. That is why it is really up to you to research these things before you make a career choice.

Right now people who are graduating with technical degrees from community colleges are averaging sometimes $20,000 more per year upon graduation then some people who have gone to a four year college and graduated with a bachelors degree. There are places on the web you can go to find out wether you are getting your money’s worth by going to college. One such place is http://www.CollegeRealityCheck.com. You can also go to the U.S. Education Department’s College Scorecard to see the best college to go to with the best return for your future salary rate. You can go to http://www.payscale.com to find out what starting salaries are in varies fields.

Look at these sources before spending tens of thousands of dollars on your education. Get a degree that will guarantee you a job with a great salary. Always continue your education for the rest of your life to increase that salary and have even more opportunities. You can find out more in the following article by Jeffrey J. Selingo:

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The Best Two Small Cities For Jobs According to Forbes

I am traveling around the country and tonight I am spending the night in Odessa, Texas. As I sat out by the pool this afternoon I scanned the local paper. There is an article talking about how Forbes named Midland and Odessa, Texas as the best two small cities for jobs right now. This is because of the oil and petroleum industry. If you are looking for a job and you do not want to go where the weather is cold like ,in North or South Dakota, consider Midland or Odessa, Texas where the weather is hot.

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Decide on a Education By Looking First Where Jobs Are

I am so excited for the vocational students here in Chicago because when they go to job fairs they usually leave with a job offer. That is great news because college students are often not that lucky. I want you to be able to find a job when you graduate. That should be your first priority when you are thinking about going to school. There will be plenty of time for other things after you graduate and get a job. Plenty of time to date, marry, party, take more classes, read books, see movies. You will have the rest of your life to grow and do the things that you enjoy. You will have more money to do those things because you will have a job. Read more about vocational school and job fairs in the following article by Parija Kavilanz:

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How Will We Continue To Have Houses Without Vocational Education and Trades?

How will we continue to have houses built, electric lights in the houses, running water and toilets that work with out trades people who know how to do the job? Who will build and fix the automobiles and trucks. How will the airplanes remain in the sky. Who will make the toys and the furniture. How will roads get paved? How will we get our food and who will grow it? Who is going to drive the food to the store so it will be on the shelf when we go shopping? Will we go hungry and have no shelter? How will the world run without someone to do all these things that we take for granted? We need vocational tradesmen and women. They need the vocational education to learn the trade. We need journeymen to train the apprentices in their skills. 

Read more on the fall of vocational trades and why our infrastructures are crumbling in this article by Francis Fukuyama:

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Intelligence Is The Main Ingredient of Innovation and Vocation

Never under estimate your intelligence. When you have a great thought or idea write it down! Carry a small notebook or journal and keep all your innovative ideas close at hand. This is the most amazing of times because there are so many outlets where you can take your innovative ideas and develop them. Think in terms of programs like Shark Tank and http://www.Inventions.org . There are also many other programs that work with inventors to help take the idea to product while using sponsors money to help with cost.

Where ever there is a task that needs to be done there is an opportunity for a business. If you get a trade such as welding, construction, plumbing, computer science, sheet metal work, you open up even more possibilities for yourself. There is nothing like the satisfaction that comes from being able to say “I built that or I helped build that”. When you can say something like that you are leaving a legacy for yourself. Never undervalue the ability that you have to build with your hands.

There are many other services that can lead to a business you can start. My Uncle Bill made a lot of money when he started a janitorial business in New Orleans cleaning office buildings. He started by cleaning the offices himself. He did such a great job that he began to be overwhelmed with referrals. He had so much business that he had to hire other people to help. Later he took the role of marketing and shopping for jobs while running the business with hundreds of employees. This can be you.

If you offer a service that is dependable and run with honesty and integrity your business will have the potential of going from a one or two person enterprise to as large a company as you want it to be. This could be a janitorial business, a dog walking business, a shopping for the client business, a laundry business, a tech business helping people with their computers, a urban farming business, a companion business. Where do your talents lie? What do you have to offer? What service can you offer that will meet the needs of others? What job can you do for people that they dread doing themselves? Make a business of that.

College Degrees: Is This A Way To Keep The Elite Above The Common Man?

When I graduated as a Registered Nurse in 1980, to be a manager or head nurse a person needed a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. The Diploma Nurse was a nurse that had graduated from a nursing school that was part of the hospital where the nurses trained. These nurses had received most of their training on the job in the hospital under the teacher and other nurse’s supervision. They had much more practical knowledge and were well trained as nurses when they graduated. They were now being grandfathered out and their schools were being closed.

When I started nursing school training had been moved to the college level. The majority of the training was done in the classroom with very little practical training in the hospital. When I graduated with an Associates Degree in Nursing I had a lot of head knowledge about diseases and treatments, but I had very little practical training in the hospital with hands on nursing. I really had to learn all the hands on nursing while on the job after graduation. I learned how to start intravenous therapy while on the job by following the intravenous therapy nurse around for a day starting IV’s.

I believe this change in educational experience was not to create better nurses because it did not do that. Rather I believe it was to make more money for the colleges to the detriment of the practical training for the nurses.

The head nurse at the hospital I worked for had her bachelor’s degree and it was a well known fact to be in management it was required for a nurse to have their  Bachelor’s Degree in any major, not necessarily nursing.

Now to be in management it is necessary to have at least a Master’s Degree. Preferably this degree will be in nursing. Often the person will have a lesser degree in nursing and then their Master’s is in either business or management. The trend is that the more people get their bachelor’s degree then the requirements are moved up to have your Master’s degree to be in management.

Now that more people are getting their Master’s Degree I expect the requirement will move up for people to have their Doctorate Degree in order to qualify to be in management. This is the way the elite stay elite and they attempt to keep the common man down. If the common man is getting a higher degree, then the elite must stay one step ahead by staying one degree ahead. The person with the highest degree is the one to win the prize. It has nothing to do with that person having the most practical experience.

There is no replacement for practical experience when it comes to knowledge. Tell that to the elite and the colleges that they fund and keep in business. Many older workers with years of experience on the job have seen young people come in to the workplace with degrees and no practical experience at all and then become supervisors or managers. The older workers have to train the young “bosses” with the degrees on how the business runs. Why not promote from within and get managers that actually know the job and business to run the business instead?Does that just make too much common sense?

Maybe we need to reevaluate the way we educate our young. Let us go back to having vocational schools to train our young people for careers instead of worrying about keeping our colleges funded. What are our priorities? Our young people and their well being or keeping colleges in business? Let us make our young people and their well being the priority. Let us train people for the jobs that we need filled to run society and keep our people working. This is how we will make our country strong.

Robotics As A Vocational Trade

Robots are being used in not only manufacturing but also in police work. The robots go in to an area with cameras before the police enter. This is a means of gathering data but also protecting the police officers in their duties. The robots are known as “Swat robots” which is a very fitting name for a robot that leads the swat team into what can be a very dangerous location.

The study of robotics can not only pay well but can be a fun and exciting job. If you are the kind of person that has always enjoyed tinkering with machines, robotics could prove to be an excellent choice of careers. It could be a career that might represent child’s play at first glance but is a serious career that could aid you in much success in the satisfaction of the job as well as great pay. Read more in the following article by Clarke Canfield:

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Vocational Jobs In the Greater Chicago Area

Team,We will be sponsoring a hiring event for M&M MARS Chicago & Burr Ridge locations. The hiring event will be held on Thursday, April 25, 2013 at the Illinois workNet Center-Oak Forest, 15900 South Cicero Avenue, Building B, 2nd Floor, Oak Forest, IL 60452, commencing at 10:00AM – 1:00 PM (Forklift Drivers, Machine Operators, & Picker-Packers).

All the candidates would have to complete an Online Application as well as Skills Test. The entire process should take 60 minutes or less. After completing the application and the Skills Test, the recruiter will interview candidates in 10 – 15 minute intervals. We will schedule approximately 20 – 25 candidates with recruiters by invitation only who have been confirmed. Please forward any candidates who you deem qualified.

The positions that are available for both sites are the following:

1. Forklift Driver (Burr Ridge Location) – 1 year experience with sit-down reach truck including stacking and removing materials from 4-5 tiers
2. Forklift Driver (Chicago Location) – 1 year experience with sit-down reach truck, push and pull slip sheet truck including stacking and removing materials
3. Machine Operator (Chicago & Burr Ridge) – 1 year experience operating and production machinery including changing and installing wrapper roll for product.
4. Picker-Packer Positions (Chicago & Burr Ridge) -no experience required.


· Must be 18 years old; Able to stand on feet 8 – 12 hours per day; Must be able to lift 50 lbs
· Must be able to pass Pre-employment Background Check and Drug Test (e.g. employer will check for FELONIES and misdemeanors)
· Must have reliable transportation for Burr Ridge location(Public Transportation or Metra Stations ARE NOT NEAR the facility)
· The positions are full time


Burr Ridge Facility-
· Forklift Driver – Up to $11.75 – 10 positions
· Machine Operator – Up to $11.75 – 10 positions
· Picker Packer $08.50 – 20 positions

Chicago Facility-
· Facility-Forklift Up to $11.25 – 10 positions
· Machine Operator Up to $11.25 – 10 positions
· Picker Packer/Production Worker – $8.25 – 20 positions

NOTE: Applications will be distributed and completed at the time of the interview. The shift times and rate differentials will be discussed with each individual candidate.