Cropped-REP3-120912-143Julia has worked in a notebook factory running the rivet machine which puts the rings in the binders, running the hot stamp machine that puts the words and pictures on the binders, and boxing the binders to get them ready to ship.

She also went to school at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and graduated Magna Cum Laude as a nursing major becoming a Registered Nurse. She worked as a nurse for eighteen years as a charge nurse on a pediatric floor, head nurse of a small town emergency room, and as a staff nurse in a trauma one emergency room at Vanderbilt Hospital.

She became a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines in 1998 after going to a job fair, and has continued to work as a flight attendant for fourteen years. She is a shop steward for the Transport Workers Union, Local 556, representing 12,000 flight attendants for Southwest Airlines.

She is now writing a book called “Putting Sexy Back in Votech, Vocational Education and Trades”. Vocational Education use to be part of high school in the 1970’s and Julia would like to see vocational education back in the high schools today.

Julia graduated from Smyrna High School in 1974, where she was a the Captain of the Cheerleading squad for the Smyrna Bulldogs. She was also the Editor of the senior annual and Treasurer of the Senior class of 1974. She now wants to be the cheerleader and spokesperson for Vocational Education and Trades in hopes of helping America get back to work.

America has always been hard working, but the last twenty years the youth have been encouraged to go to college and now they are getting out of college to find there are no jobs. At the same time for every three people that are retiring from vocational trades such as electricians, plumbers, heating and air conditioning workers, machinists, welders, and other such jobs, only one person is going into the trade skills. This is leaving a tremendous crises of untrained skilled workers. This lack of skilled tradesmen and women has led to the federal government hiring Chinese Companies to come into America to build the bridges, like the San Francisco Street Bridge, and high speed rail in California. This is happening because of the lack of skilled laborers and welders in this country to do the job. This is wrong. Now not only are manufacturing jobs being sent out of the country to places like China and Mexico, but foreigners such as Chinese are being shipped in to fill many of the jobs in America as well. All this because the American workers have not properly been trained to work in the fields where the jobs are.

Julia has constantly through the years reinvented herself in order to go where the jobs were plentiful, choosing nursing instead of teaching because there were no jobs in teaching but there were plenty of jobs everywhere as a nurse. Later she realized her dream of becoming a flight attendant when she was forty-two years old. She went to a job fair for Southwest Airlines, the most loved airline in the world, and got the job as a flight attendant. When she was going through training as a flight attendant, the teaching staff reminded the students that they had been chosen out of literally 10,000 applications.

Julia wants to help others to reinvent themselves so they will be able to get a good job with a sustainable income, and be the person that they aspire to be not only now but in the future. Julia is known as “The Solution Expert” and  “The Face of Vocational Education”.

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    • Thank you my friend. I appreciate you coming by and checking out the blog to see the improvements. I love what you are doing to help people find happiness and contentment. Julia

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