How Will We Continue To Have Houses Without Vocational Education and Trades?

How will we continue to have houses built, electric lights in the houses, running water and toilets that work with out trades people who know how to do the job? Who will build and fix the automobiles and trucks. How will the airplanes remain in the sky. Who will make the toys and the furniture. How will roads get paved? How will we get our food and who will grow it? Who is going to drive the food to the store so it will be on the shelf when we go shopping? Will we go hungry and have no shelter? How will the world run without someone to do all these things that we take for granted? We need vocational tradesmen and women. They need the vocational education to learn the trade. We need journeymen to train the apprentices in their skills. 

Read more on the fall of vocational trades and why our infrastructures are crumbling in this article by Francis Fukuyama:

Click Here To Read More

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