Intelligence Is The Main Ingredient of Innovation and Vocation

Never under estimate your intelligence. When you have a great thought or idea write it down! Carry a small notebook or journal and keep all your innovative ideas close at hand. This is the most amazing of times because there are so many outlets where you can take your innovative ideas and develop them. Think in terms of programs like Shark Tank and . There are also many other programs that work with inventors to help take the idea to product while using sponsors money to help with cost.

Where ever there is a task that needs to be done there is an opportunity for a business. If you get a trade such as welding, construction, plumbing, computer science, sheet metal work, you open up even more possibilities for yourself. There is nothing like the satisfaction that comes from being able to say “I built that or I helped build that”. When you can say something like that you are leaving a legacy for yourself. Never undervalue the ability that you have to build with your hands.

There are many other services that can lead to a business you can start. My Uncle Bill made a lot of money when he started a janitorial business in New Orleans cleaning office buildings. He started by cleaning the offices himself. He did such a great job that he began to be overwhelmed with referrals. He had so much business that he had to hire other people to help. Later he took the role of marketing and shopping for jobs while running the business with hundreds of employees. This can be you.

If you offer a service that is dependable and run with honesty and integrity your business will have the potential of going from a one or two person enterprise to as large a company as you want it to be. This could be a janitorial business, a dog walking business, a shopping for the client business, a laundry business, a tech business helping people with their computers, a urban farming business, a companion business. Where do your talents lie? What do you have to offer? What service can you offer that will meet the needs of others? What job can you do for people that they dread doing themselves? Make a business of that.

3 thoughts on “Intelligence Is The Main Ingredient of Innovation and Vocation

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