College Degrees: Is This A Way To Keep The Elite Above The Common Man?

When I graduated as a Registered Nurse in 1980, to be a manager or head nurse a person needed a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. The Diploma Nurse was a nurse that had graduated from a nursing school that was part of the hospital where the nurses trained. These nurses had received most of their training on the job in the hospital under the teacher and other nurse’s supervision. They had much more practical knowledge and were well trained as nurses when they graduated. They were now being grandfathered out and their schools were being closed.

When I started nursing school training had been moved to the college level. The majority of the training was done in the classroom with very little practical training in the hospital. When I graduated with an Associates Degree in Nursing I had a lot of head knowledge about diseases and treatments, but I had very little practical training in the hospital with hands on nursing. I really had to learn all the hands on nursing while on the job after graduation. I learned how to start intravenous therapy while on the job by following the intravenous therapy nurse around for a day starting IV’s.

I believe this change in educational experience was not to create better nurses because it did not do that. Rather I believe it was to make more money for the colleges to the detriment of the practical training for the nurses.

The head nurse at the hospital I worked for had her bachelor’s degree and it was a well known fact to be in management it was required for a nurse to have their  Bachelor’s Degree in any major, not necessarily nursing.

Now to be in management it is necessary to have at least a Master’s Degree. Preferably this degree will be in nursing. Often the person will have a lesser degree in nursing and then their Master’s is in either business or management. The trend is that the more people get their bachelor’s degree then the requirements are moved up to have your Master’s degree to be in management.

Now that more people are getting their Master’s Degree I expect the requirement will move up for people to have their Doctorate Degree in order to qualify to be in management. This is the way the elite stay elite and they attempt to keep the common man down. If the common man is getting a higher degree, then the elite must stay one step ahead by staying one degree ahead. The person with the highest degree is the one to win the prize. It has nothing to do with that person having the most practical experience.

There is no replacement for practical experience when it comes to knowledge. Tell that to the elite and the colleges that they fund and keep in business. Many older workers with years of experience on the job have seen young people come in to the workplace with degrees and no practical experience at all and then become supervisors or managers. The older workers have to train the young “bosses” with the degrees on how the business runs. Why not promote from within and get managers that actually know the job and business to run the business instead?Does that just make too much common sense?

Maybe we need to reevaluate the way we educate our young. Let us go back to having vocational schools to train our young people for careers instead of worrying about keeping our colleges funded. What are our priorities? Our young people and their well being or keeping colleges in business? Let us make our young people and their well being the priority. Let us train people for the jobs that we need filled to run society and keep our people working. This is how we will make our country strong.

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