Unemployment for the Dead. Boy Do We Need Reform and Vocational Training

We talked about this before but here I come to you again to talk to you about the cost of unemployment. When I come to you with these articles I do so to show you that I am not just coming to you with my opinion but also with the facts.

I was in Nashville last night and picked up The Tennesseean which is the local paper. I was intrigued when I found the following article about unemployment. It was found that there is fraud in the state of Tennessee to the extent that even dead people have been getting unemployment benefits! They even had state employees receiving unemployment!

I am not really surprised because where ever money is involved there are thieves not far behind. If this is happening in Tennessee I am sure it is happening all over the country. The country sports debt in the billions of dollars yet we have fraud in the millions of dollars as well. Instead of raising taxes on the hard working people of America, why not crack down on the thieves that are stealing our tax money instead. This includes not only individuals but the corporations and banks that have been shown to steal tax payers money.

You can read the details in the following article by Nate Rau:

Click Here To Read More

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