Where Business is Booming and Vocational Jobs and Work is Plentiful


Construction is up in all areas of North Dakota

North Dakota is where business is booming and the unemployment rate is 1.7%, the lowest in the country. This is happening because of the oil boom in the area. The workers are moving into the area but there is not enough housing for all of them. There is a need for construction workers, teachers, police officers, store keepers, and the people that work in the oil business as well. Where ever there is a boom in business there is a boom in all other services. People are moving in the area to fill the need in the oil industry. When there is a growth in population there is a growth in all areas that pertain to people. Not only will they need more houses. They will also need more roads, more grocery stores, more schools, more of every kind of speciality shop, more coffee shops, more entertainment venues, more doctors, more nurses, and more lawyers. You name it and they will need more of it. Consider moving to North or South Dakota and you will most certainly be lucky in finding a job of your choice. Read more in the folioing article by Kris Hudson:

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