Why Get a Degree in Liberal Arts? Instead Get a Degree That Will Get You A Job.

Liberal Arts degrees were first established to give the wealthy the opportunity to get a general well rounded education so they could have intelligent knowledgeable conversations with each other. It gave them appreciation for the arts. It was never designed to help anyone get a job.

Later on every child was urged to get a college education. Often when that young adult graduated from high school and it was time to begin college they would not yet know what they wanted to be when they would grow up so they started with liberal arts.

Now a college education is too expensive to just “play around” with taking classes till you decide what you want to do with your life. Though there is value in knowing someone will finish what they started by getting even a liberal arts degree. It is of little value to that graduate when it is time to get a job. That is why it is important to instill in our children to have a direction in what they want to be when they grow up by the time they finish high school. That way they can go to school with purpose taking the courses that will get them to their goal of getting a job when they graduate.

There will always be time to learn the liberal arts for all of their lives. The fact is that we should be learning and growing every year. Get a degree that will help you get a job. Go to vocational school so that you will have a trade when you graduate. Then continue your education for the rest of your life by reading, taking classes at a university or online, watching the history channel or discovery channel and learn the other things that make our lives so rich and rewarding like the liberal arts.

You can read more on this subject in the following article by Mary Beth Marklein:

Click Here To Read More

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