Best Time Ever To Be An Entrepreneur!


Adjust Your Thinking by Becoming An Entrepreneur.

This is the best time ever to be an entrepreneur! All you have to have is the enthusiasm, joy, presence, playfulness, and determination to go for it. Everywhere you look there are things to be done, and where there are things that need to be done there is an opportunity to start a business.

Think about this when you go about your life. As you go through the day always be thinking “How could I do this better? How can I turn this into a business?” When you talk to your neighbors and friends and you hear them say how they have errands to run and chores to do that they do not think they have time for always be thinking, “how can I start a business to do this for people?”

When there are things to be done there is a business there. What kind of business can you start? Can you do the grocery shopping for someone? Can you be a house sitter when they go on vacation? Can you walk the dog and dog sit? Can you start vegetable gardens in people’s yards who want to eat organic? What career can you start by solving a problem for someone else. This can be a vocation for you.

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