When Are We Going To Say Enough Is Enough?

Countryside landscape with cornfield 0813_06

Often people move to the country or the woods to have privacy and independence. It seems that there is no where to go to have that kind of free lifestyle anymore.

I personally think the government has gotten out of hand. If we are going to remain America, the land of the free and home of the brave, then we need to know when the government is stepping over the boundaries. If I own my own land, I do not want the government coming in and telling me what I can do on my own land. Especially if everything I own is out in the woods.

It is one thing if I live in a metropolitan area. I understand my neighbors want the neighborhood to maintain a certain quality so that their property will maintain value. I also know that codes is a way for the local government to make money for the city by charging fees. But if I choose to live out in the woods away from towns and cities, I do that to have the freedom to do as I please with the land that I own.When the government infringes on my freedom by coming in and making demands telling me I have to tear down my buildings and make them meet their standards then there is a problem.

Eustace Conway is a true pioneer of early American example. He lives off the land and is self sufficient in doing so. He also trains the people who Choose to come to him for training in everything that he knows. I think this is valuable training. In fact, I am a believer that “the strong will survive”. Part of strength is not only physical strength but also strength in knowledge. The people that come to Eustace by their own choice come to learn his lessons on survival and how to live off the land like he teaches. I would think that if he is smart he has them sign wavers that they know the risks they take by deciding to live in primitive conditions while they are on his property. If they don’t want to live in these conditions then maybe they need to take their vacations some where else that better meets their expectations.That is not the point here. The point is to live in primitive frontier style. Let the man and his property be, and find someone else to pick on.

Let my people go! I do not want a government that steps in and tries to take my freedom from me. I know you might say this has very little to do with vocational education but I beg to differ. Vocational education has everything to do with learning how to survive not only in this social and economic climate but even in the most primitive of times. It is all about learning to be survivors. Read more in the following article by Valerie Bauerlein:

Click Here

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