There was A Time When A Vocation As A Federal Worker Was Highly Coveted

The government is in trouble. They owe more money than they can possibly make. They are under water. Where did all the money go? That is the most famous of questions. The real problem is that the government no longer has the money to pay the government employees. The prediction is that there is going to be a big furlough in the not too distant future.

What are you doing to prepare for this. Have you saved any money? Where is your money in the bank, in your 401K or Roth IRA? Do you have any money buried in the back yard or in your mattress?

Well an article in the Chicago Tribune and the Dallas Morning Star is telling the federal workers that their best bet is saving for a furlough when they will be laid off from their jobs. I think it is time to get a plan B. If the government can not pay the federal worker’s salaries, how can they pay them unemployment? I think it is time to get yourself a trade. Do not wait till everyone else is also looking for a job. Be prepared by saving now and get trained for a job that you can get qualified for now. Bring the grain into the storehouses and prepare for lean times again or else get a trade, a vocational trade.

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