Who Is The World Power?

Everyday I wonder how did we come to this. I realize part of it is the result of greed and laziness. The political leaders we employ are sorely left in want. I wonder every election why we continue to elect the same kind of useless politicians. The politicians are so entrenched in being people pleasers that they can not get anything done for the worry of who will get mad. The American people are so use to being cuddled that they do not even realize that they are on the road to destruction. The American politicians are so worried about getting the vote that they care little how they put the country in peril in the process.

China is fast after world domination but because the American people are so content with burying their heads in the sand that they do not even see the enemy fast on their trail. It reminds me of the picture on the front page of The New York Times a couple of months back of the man quickly being approached by another man with a gun on his right flank and he is unaware because he is too busy texting on his smart phone. The man is dead now from a hitman who did not even care that his picture was being taken in the process.

Lee Kuan Yew, former prime minister of Singapore from 1959 to 1990, has written a book forecasting the future of Chinese and American relations. He is a philosopher with keen insight into the waves of reality that dominate the future of both countries. Yet he believes in America because of the American people’s “creativity, resilience, and innovative spirit”. Read more of his beliefs in the following article by Graham Allison and Robert D. Blackwill. If you are still left wanting buy the book, “Lee Kuan Yew”. 

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