Where Is The Economy Today?

The economy is up one minute and down the next depending on the mood of the media. It is like either the media or the economy is hormonal. I am not sure which.

I believe sometimes we have to make our own economy by choosing careers where you are always going to be able to find a job no matter what the economy is doing. These jobs are in vocational trades.

There is only one person going into vocational trades for each one who is retiring. This is because college has been emphasized for so many years to the detriment of the vocations that we have an over abundance of college grads who can not find jobs. While we have an under abundance of graduates from vocational schools where the jobs are.

When a career is in demand of applicants then the workers can pretty much name their own wage. Keep this in mind when looking for career moves. The following article by Eric Morath talks about the shifting economy. I especially like the picture in the article.

Click Here

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