Technology and Robotics

When I look at the direction that technology is taking, I remember an article I read the other day about how everything we saw on Star Trek and similar shows as far back as forty years ago has come into being. Examples are things like cell phones, iPads, laptops and now there is even a 3D copiers that can replicate items. It is all so truly amazing!

We do not necessarily need to be afraid of these changes, rather we should embrace the change. There are always going to be new jobs to go with the new technology. We just need to be ever growing and learning so we will be ready for those new jobs.

I knew nothing about computers till fourteen years ago. I knew nothing about blogging till about six months ago. I am learning and growing and changing as are you.Embrace the change, do not be afraid of it. You not only will survive, you will thrive.

This next article talks about people being afraid to look up and be on camera. Why? If you are not doing anything illegal or immoral you have nothing to fear. Big brother is watching. That is a fact. But guess what we are watching Big Brother too! Everyone has a camera on their phone and most have video cameras. Embrace the change and value it. We can not do anything to stop it. We just have to learn to roll with it. The following article by Illah Nourbakhsh, who is a professor of robotics at Carnegie Mellon University talks about robots and the future.

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