Sometimes Even The Repo Man Needs To Find A Job

I love the next article that I am bringing to you because I love that America is being smart in keeping the cars they already have and paying for them. I believe that is not only smart in a poor economy but wise in a good economy as well.

We can all learn a lot from Warren Buffet who keeps his cars for years instead of feeling he has to buy a new one to impress anyone but himself. There is a lot to be said about that kind of self confidence.

At the same time that has put several repo men (and women) out of a job, but do you think they let that keep them down? No Way! A lot of them have changed careers and their driving trucks in the oilfields for three times the salary! That shows their wisdom and entrepreneurial spirit.

That is how we all need to be. Always have a plan B. That is the way to be not only a survivor but succeeder in all that you do. Please learn from this example as spoken about in this next article by Chris Woodyard.

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