Did You Go To College To Be A File Clerk?

Really? When you went to college was it your aspirations to get over $100,000 worth of debt to be a file clerk? I did not think so. According to the article that follows that is what you have to look forward to and your suppose to be happy about it. Really? I do not think so. You tell me.

If you go to Vocational School not only will you be working in the trade you went to school to work in but you will have a trade that is marketable no matter what the economy is doing. You have a trade that you can barter with, work forty hours a week, or overtime, or even own your own business. There will actually be jobs when you get out of school.

Manufacturing says there is not a recession that they are not able to get enough applicants to fill the jobs! Well read the following article by Catherine Rampell and tell me what you think. She says there is no glass ceiling. Well I guess not when you start at the bottom.

Click Here

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