Survival In Any Economy Means Having Food And Water


Farming is an honorable profession, wether urban farming or country farming.

One of the most prized possessions in America is our farmland and the farmers that work that land. Those of us who live in the city take the food we buy in the grocery stores and restaurants for granted. We always expect it to be there for purchase. Yet we rarely think about where the food came from and the work involved in growing, herding, sowing and harvesting the food that we eat.

Every food product on every shelf in the grocery stores came from a farm somewhere. Wether it be the fruits and vegetables in the produce department or the milk and cheese in the dairy section, it all came from a farm. All those canned goods were at one time growing in a field before the product was canned.

Yet the farmers suffer much in getting that food to the store. They suffer through financial burdens, droughts, floods, increase and decrease in prices, mad cow disease, shortage of farm hands, and so much more that we are unaware. Still the food faithfully appears on our grocer’s shelves and restaurant kitchens.

I just want to thank the farmers for all they do so that all the rest of us can survive. Does anyone aspire to be a hero? Be a farmer!

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