When Are We Going To Say Enough Is Enough?

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Often people move to the country or the woods to have privacy and independence. It seems that there is no where to go to have that kind of free lifestyle anymore.

I personally think the government has gotten out of hand. If we are going to remain America, the land of the free and home of the brave, then we need to know when the government is stepping over the boundaries. If I own my own land, I do not want the government coming in and telling me what I can do on my own land. Especially if everything I own is out in the woods.

It is one thing if I live in a metropolitan area. I understand my neighbors want the neighborhood to maintain a certain quality so that their property will maintain value. I also know that codes is a way for the local government to make money for the city by charging fees. But if I choose to live out in the woods away from towns and cities, I do that to have the freedom to do as I please with the land that I own.When the government infringes on my freedom by coming in and making demands telling me I have to tear down my buildings and make them meet their standards then there is a problem.

Eustace Conway is a true pioneer of early American example. He lives off the land and is self sufficient in doing so. He also trains the people who Choose to come to him for training in everything that he knows. I think this is valuable training. In fact, I am a believer that “the strong will survive”. Part of strength is not only physical strength but also strength in knowledge. The people that come to Eustace by their own choice come to learn his lessons on survival and how to live off the land like he teaches. I would think that if he is smart he has them sign wavers that they know the risks they take by deciding to live in primitive conditions while they are on his property. If they don’t want to live in these conditions then maybe they need to take their vacations some where else that better meets their expectations.That is not the point here. The point is to live in primitive frontier style. Let the man and his property be, and find someone else to pick on.

Let my people go! I do not want a government that steps in and tries to take my freedom from me. I know you might say this has very little to do with vocational education but I beg to differ. Vocational education has everything to do with learning how to survive not only in this social and economic climate but even in the most primitive of times. It is all about learning to be survivors. Read more in the following article by Valerie Bauerlein:

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Go Where The Jobs Are, Get A Trade

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Welding is a Vocational Trade Where There is A Lot of Job Opportunities.

People are moving south. Why? Lower taxes and more jobs. This is spoken of in papers all over the south. One of the problems for those states up north is the increase in taxes. The state governments have raised the taxes so much that the population is getting smaller and smaller because people are moving south to get away from high taxes and find better jobs.Read more about this phenomenon in the following article.

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There was A Time When A Vocation As A Federal Worker Was Highly Coveted

The government is in trouble. They owe more money than they can possibly make. They are under water. Where did all the money go? That is the most famous of questions. The real problem is that the government no longer has the money to pay the government employees. The prediction is that there is going to be a big furlough in the not too distant future.

What are you doing to prepare for this. Have you saved any money? Where is your money in the bank, in your 401K or Roth IRA? Do you have any money buried in the back yard or in your mattress?

Well an article in the Chicago Tribune and the Dallas Morning Star is telling the federal workers that their best bet is saving for a furlough when they will be laid off from their jobs. I think it is time to get a plan B. If the government can not pay the federal worker’s salaries, how can they pay them unemployment? I think it is time to get yourself a trade. Do not wait till everyone else is also looking for a job. Be prepared by saving now and get trained for a job that you can get qualified for now. Bring the grain into the storehouses and prepare for lean times again or else get a trade, a vocational trade.

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Tech And Women, The Great Equalizer


Women in Vocational Tech is the wave of the future.

Women are beginning to realize that the old stereo types no longer apply. They can work in almost any job where men dominate. Men are also going into jobs that have traditionally known as women’s jobs such as nursing, flight attendant, and stay at home parent. The following article by Jon Swartz talks about women and technology and what the future holds.

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You Do Not Have To Go To College To Get A Good Job

I am so happy and proud to come to you this year with all the jobs that are available across the country. Feel your not trained for those jobs? No problem. I will tell you how you can get the training and how you can get it paid for.

The fact of the matter there are more than enough jobs for everyone. We need welders, airline pilots, air traffic controllers, construction workers, and more. Not trained for those jobs no problem. You can go to school for 1 to 2 years to get the training for most of these jobs at a vocational school.

There are a lot of vocational schools through out the country and most of them are very affordable without your having to get large college loans. In some cases the government may help you with grants, in other cases you may be able to get the company you are going to go to work with to pay for your education, sometimes the company will train you themselves.

I hear company owners telling me that they need more mechanics and air conditioning and heating people because they can not find enough applicants. Do not believe the media that there are no jobs out there. That is far from the truth. There are actually more jobs than people to take them. That is why Chinese are being shipped in to take some of the jobs.

Do not be left behind. Get the training for these jobs now while they are in high demand. When you have a trade there is so much you can do with that knowledge. If you are very ambitious you may even someday own your own business by first getting experience in your trade. Then with a few business classes you can start your own business!


Sometimes Even The Repo Man Needs To Find A Job

I love the next article that I am bringing to you because I love that America is being smart in keeping the cars they already have and paying for them. I believe that is not only smart in a poor economy but wise in a good economy as well.

We can all learn a lot from Warren Buffet who keeps his cars for years instead of feeling he has to buy a new one to impress anyone but himself. There is a lot to be said about that kind of self confidence.

At the same time that has put several repo men (and women) out of a job, but do you think they let that keep them down? No Way! A lot of them have changed careers and their driving trucks in the oilfields for three times the salary! That shows their wisdom and entrepreneurial spirit.

That is how we all need to be. Always have a plan B. That is the way to be not only a survivor but succeeder in all that you do. Please learn from this example as spoken about in this next article by Chris Woodyard.

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Did You Go To College To Be A File Clerk?

Really? When you went to college was it your aspirations to get over $100,000 worth of debt to be a file clerk? I did not think so. According to the article that follows that is what you have to look forward to and your suppose to be happy about it. Really? I do not think so. You tell me.

If you go to Vocational School not only will you be working in the trade you went to school to work in but you will have a trade that is marketable no matter what the economy is doing. You have a trade that you can barter with, work forty hours a week, or overtime, or even own your own business. There will actually be jobs when you get out of school.

Manufacturing says there is not a recession that they are not able to get enough applicants to fill the jobs! Well read the following article by Catherine Rampell and tell me what you think. She says there is no glass ceiling. Well I guess not when you start at the bottom.

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Innovation With Special Effects in The Movies

Petro Vlahos was the innovator of special-effects with the use of the green screen. It is just another example of “if you can imagine it, you can do it”. Imagine it is what Petro did when he made the screen come alive with the use of special-effects. The use of special-effects made it possible to create any world you could imagine in a plain white (or should I say green) room. Let us honor tonight of all nights the man that brought all of it to us as spoken of in the following article by Anita Gates.

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Watch The Market For Turn Around

When the market seems to be down, what that really means is the market is down where you are so you need to find where the market is up. The market is like an ocean that rolls with the waves and rises and falls with the tide. What goes up will eventually come back down again and vice versa, like a see-saw.That is okay, but that is why you always need a plan B so you can roll with the waves and rise with the tide instead of drowning.

The good news is the housing industry is beginning to come back. It had to eventually, because people are always going to need someplace to live. Everything always eventually corrects itself, like the lowering of interest rates that will give us the chance to buy a house at a improved price and rate. Jim Carlton talks about the rising housing market and thus the logging industry in the following article.

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Who Is The World Power?

Everyday I wonder how did we come to this. I realize part of it is the result of greed and laziness. The political leaders we employ are sorely left in want. I wonder every election why we continue to elect the same kind of useless politicians. The politicians are so entrenched in being people pleasers that they can not get anything done for the worry of who will get mad. The American people are so use to being cuddled that they do not even realize that they are on the road to destruction. The American politicians are so worried about getting the vote that they care little how they put the country in peril in the process.

China is fast after world domination but because the American people are so content with burying their heads in the sand that they do not even see the enemy fast on their trail. It reminds me of the picture on the front page of The New York Times a couple of months back of the man quickly being approached by another man with a gun on his right flank and he is unaware because he is too busy texting on his smart phone. The man is dead now from a hitman who did not even care that his picture was being taken in the process.

Lee Kuan Yew, former prime minister of Singapore from 1959 to 1990, has written a book forecasting the future of Chinese and American relations. He is a philosopher with keen insight into the waves of reality that dominate the future of both countries. Yet he believes in America because of the American people’s “creativity, resilience, and innovative spirit”. Read more of his beliefs in the following article by Graham Allison and Robert D. Blackwill. If you are still left wanting buy the book, “Lee Kuan Yew”. 

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