Skilled Workers in Short Supply

I get very angry when I read stories like the one below and then hear there is an unemployment rate of 9 to 12 percent. Something is wrong with this picture. Maybe the problem is in the unemployment benefits themselves.

I don’t believe anyone should be receiving unemployment benefits without at least being required to take job training in the areas where jobs are available. I have never in the forty years I have been in the job market ever drawn unemployment. It is not because I have not been eligible. I have lost a job in the past but I always had another job before the week was out and most often before the day was over. I never felt I could support the life style that I had become use to with the limited amount I would get with unemployment.

That is why I can not understand why people choose unemployment over finding a good job when so many jobs are available. That is why I feel there is something wrong with the system. The old saying: “give a man a fish and he will eat for a day or teach a man to fish and he can always feed himself”. Unemployment benefits should be about sustaining someone while we are teaching them to fish.