Investing In America

Many times we need to trust our gut and my gut tells me that America is on the upswing. It seems that the Carlyle Group of investors feel the same way that I do as shown in the preceding article from The Wall Street Journal. America is the place to be and the place to believe in.

I have always believed in America because I know we are winners. One of the reasons that I know we are winners is because I know God is in control and I believe He is for us not against us. I know we are winners because we are free and we love our freedom and we will fight to maintain the freedom that we have known for so long. We have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to pursue happiness, and freedom to create and build. It is the pursuit that is truly what makes us happy. When we come to realize this that is when we are truly free.

If we are always pursuing knowledge and improving ourselves, then we are growing and the sky is the limit for us. We are the only ones who limit ourselves and put chains on or put ourselves behind bars. As long as we can think for ourselves than we are free.

The most inspiring person that I think of when I think of this concept is Jason Becker who was the lead rock guitarist for David Lee Roth. He has only his eyes to communicate with because he has complete paralysis of all four of his limbs, can not speak, and is on a respirator due to having Lou Gehrig’s disease. Yet he is a successful composer and continues to compose music even today and is in the process of writing his own biography. I also think of Oscar Pistorius, who even though he has no legs, runs on metal blades and successfully ran in the 2012 Olympics. How can we not also strive to be all that we can be?

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