Shortage of Airline Pilots

As I fly around the United States everyday I continue searching the papers for articles talking about job availability. The biggest news I found today was the following article from The Wall Street Journal talking about the impending shortage of airline pilots that the United States will be facing in the near future. When I read this article instead of seeing this as a crises, I see it as hope of yet another field that is wide open for today’s youth to pursue. Here is a job that would be the envy of many young people as a pilot of a major carrier. Not only is it a job with a great future but it is a job that can be great fun. Often the flight crew that you will fly with will become like family as you celebrate life and holidays together. I am a flight attendant and love my job and the crews that I fly with. Yes, sometimes we are a dysfunctional family but still a family. Please get the word out so that many young people will know that here is another option when they are considering career choices. Become an Airline Pilot and see the world!

Julia McCoy Pavlicek

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