National Publicity Summit

I just came back from New York City where I participated in the National Publicity Summit as put on by Steve Harrison of Bradley Communications. All of the media was represented including many radio stations and television shows. Included were popular shows such as Today Show, The View, Good Morning America, The Wendy Williams Show, The Rachel Ray Show, Cheryl Wills with NY1 News, The Steve Deace Show, Bob Taylor with Max Radio Network New Jersey, Caroline Branson with KFWB News Talk Los Angeles, Daniel Fozzina with Divine Intervention Radio, Chris Cordani with Money Matters Radio, Debra Englander with John Wiley and Sons, Leah Guy with Who’s On Deck TV Show, Tom Fitzpatrick with Vision Media Productions, Chris Frederick with In The Arena TV Show, John Grossman, Mark Schlottman, Adam Sommers with New York Daily News, Leslie Gold with Fox News, Lisa Klug with National Business,  Bust Magazine, National Business,  Rob Kall with WNJC 1360 AM, Bob Kall Bottom-Up Radio Show, Rob Kall, The Write Deal with Jamie Kiffel-Alchek, WNJC 1360 AM, WIFI 1460 AM New Jersey with Brian Greenberg Show, Lindsay Carlton with Fox News, U S News, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Travel, Larry Shiller with Unconventional Wisdom Radio, Amy Rushlow with MensHealth, Matthew Holt with John Wiley and Sons, L.Martin Johnson Pratt with WHCR FM New York, Charlie Lobosco with Corporate Talk with Charlie Lobosco, Jeffrey Pohlman with CNBC, Dori Decarlo with Word of Mom Radio, Jessica Mulvihill with Fox News, Sherry Amatenstein with iVillage, NY Daily, Marie Claire, Third, In New York,, Mary Schwager with, Nick Lawrence with WEEU AM, Straight Talk Pennsylvania, Sandra Gordon with Shop Smart, Self, Working Mother, Cherry Key with ABC News, Shep Cohen with World of Work WDVR FM New Jersey, S.E. Day with WTAN AM 1340 Tampa Legally Steal Show, John Georg The Tax Guy, Rachel Feldman with Fox News, Patrick Ignozzi with The View, Stephen McCain with 48 Hours CBS, Ed Smith with Bright Moment Cable, New Jersey, Christine Harvey with New Living, Kim Rittberg with Fox News, Dave Lefkowitz with Dave’s Gone By in Colorado, T.J. McCormack Sunday Night with T.J. McCormack, LA Talk, Tommy Crudup with Rachel Ray, Bill Horan with WHPC FM Secrets of Success New York, Stacy Rollins with Anderson Live, Barry Shainbaum with Perspectives With Barry Shainbaum, Mary Pflum with Good Morning America, Bonnie D. Graham with Read My Lips, Blog Talk, Andrea Sachs with Time Magazine, Sharkie Zartman with Radio, Michael Newborn with The Wendy Williams Show, Peter Key with Philadelphia Business Journal, Brad Segall with KYM AM, WCGL FM Philadelphia. Everyone was very interested in the message about Putting Sexy Back in Votech, Vocational Education and Trades and even more Putting Respect Back in Votech, Vocational Education and Trades.

Julia McCoy Pavlicek

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