You are welcome to come and talk about the about your jobs or lack there of. We are here to help you find where the jobs are and help you get the training to have a job when you get out of school. If you already work in the vocational trades or in vocational education we would appreciate you sharing your story of how you chose the profession you are in and what the pros and cons are of your profession.

Julia McCoy Pavlicek

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I have a son that would love to train to be a pilot. The only thing is we can not afford the cost that it would take. When becoming a pilot it is important to start early. So he can start his training at the age of 14. He will have to work hard to save the money for this which is an good thing but he has other duties as well. help form family would go a long way to help him get the training he needs.

    • Also look for other ways his education can be paid for. Look for government grants, consider giving years of service to the military to get the training, look for scholarships, look for ways to make money online to contribute to his funds (example giving value to homeschooling mother’s on how to homeschool and make your schedule work). Make a blog for minister’s wives on how to be connected to other women that have the pros and cons of a minister’s wife. Self publish a book about being a minister’s wife or homeschooling on Smashwords and Publish on Demand or Amazon.

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