It’s All About Respect For The Trades Men And Women

The thing that gets to me is the lack of respect shown to the people of vocational trades such as the electricians, plumbers, mechanics, welders, stock clerks, iron workers, sheet metal workers, machinist. Yet let some business man’s sinks get clogged up and most of them would not know the first thing to do to remedy the problem. Nor would they want to get their hands dirty to do anything about it. At that time the plumber is the hero because he is the one that comes in and gets the water running again and the sink draining and the toilet flushing.

All the things that are so important in life but so under appreciated till things stop working. Things like the lights in the house or office, the comfortable climate due to heating or air conditioning, the plane or train or car that starts in the morning, the bridges that we drive across to get to work, the buildings that we live work and play in, the nuts bolts and screws we put the kids toys together with. Give the trades men the respect they deserve for the artistry of the job they do!

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