Put Sexy Back in Votec, Vocational Education and Trades

I’m writing a new book called “Putting Sexy Back in Votech, Vocational Trades and Education”. I would like to see the workers that word in the vocational trades get the respect they deserve as the sexy and hard working individuals they are. These are America’s electricians, plumbers, carpenters, sheet metal workers, machinist, dry wallers, iron workers, welders, and all the other trades that have the artistry to work with their hands to build the things that we take for granted.

One thought on “Put Sexy Back in Votec, Vocational Education and Trades

  1. Hello, My mission is to show how sexy the vocational trades and the people in those trades are. These are the people that we can not live without because they take care of everything that we take for granted in life. We take for granted electricity, running water, bathrooms, the houses we live in, the roof over our heads, dependable transportation, machines, and everything that we buy in the stores. The world would not be a very comfortable place to live in without all the services that the trades people perform. We should look at them as the artists and talented people they are and thank them for everything that they do.

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