Hello world!

I am a flight attendant for a major airline. I am also a TWU Local 556 shop steward. I am currently writing the upcoming book “Putting Sexy Back in Votech, Vocational Education and Trades”. I want to get the word out that the idea that there are no jobs in America is a lie. The fact is that for every three people that retire from Vocational Trades only one person is going into those careers. I want to give vocational education and trades the respect it deserves and see the people that work in the trades such as electrician, plumbers, machinist, welders, mechanics, painters, dry wallers, carpenters, iron workers, steel workers and all the other trades as the heros that they are. They give the world all the creature comforts people have come to take for granted.

Happy blogging!

Julia McCoy Pavlicek

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